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SKU A-1049-1795
A small swivel head, adjustable in both A and B axes, with limited overtravel protection. The probe is offset from the mounting shank Z axis.
SKU A-1045-1883
A 5-way fixed head, which accommodates up to five probes simultaneously.
SKU A-1045-1883 & 1-1045-1893
The PH5/1 incorporates positive B-axis indexing and limited overtravel protection.
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A compact, vertical probe head for a single probe, with a choice of integral cables.
SKU A-1051-0012
The PH6A is designed for use with autojoint probes and allows you to change probes or add extensions without having to requalify the probe.
SKU A-1074-0020
A fixed head with autojoint connection for probes and adaptors. For use with TP7M, SP600M, and SP25M.
SKU A-1332-0002
A manually indexable probe head with repeatable indexing, eliminating the need to requalify the stylus tip position after orientation.
SKU A-1070-0003
A manually indexable head, repeatable in 720 positions over two axes with LCD display, the MIH is designed for use with the autojoint TP6A touch probe and long extensions for large components.
SKU A-1373-0001
The MIH-S is a derivative of the well-established MIH design with enhanced functionality to provide feedback of status and lock position over an RS232 serial communications link.
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The MH20 is an ultra-compact manually adjustable probe head offering maximum flexibility in probe orientation.
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The MH20i offers the significant advantage of repeatable indexing positions, vastly improving productivity for multi-orientation measurement applications.
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Renishaw's new RTP20 compact head for DCC coordinate measuring machines (CMM's) offers low-cost "motorized" functionality and integral TP20 touch-trigger probe.