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The full potential of the SP25M system may be realized when the flexible change rack option is incorporated.
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The MCR20 provides rapid automatic changing of probe modules without the need to requalify.
SKU A-5669-0020
Probe rack for TP20 modules.
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The SCR200 stylus changing rack provides rapid, automatic changing of styli without the need to requalify probe tips.
SKU A-2098-0255
The SCR600 is a passive stylus change rack for use with the SP600M.
SKU A-2238-0726
The SCP80V is a rack port designed for use with SP80H.
SKU A-1071-0001
Renishaw's manual autojoint probe stand (MAPS) is a low-cost storage rack capable of holding up to six combinations.
SKU A-1371-0347
The MSR1 rack is intended for use on either manual or DCC CMM's to hold pre-qualified stylus assemblies fitted to TP20 or TP200 probe modules.